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We are travel couple, turned influencers, who have a passion for capturing beautiful moments and telling stories. We have a love for life and live every day to the fullest. We hope inspire others to follow their dreams even if it means leaving behind everything they ever knew.

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Please stay tuned for all of the latest drone news from all around the web. We have combined the efforts of leading drone blogs all over the internet to one convenient location. You will read about drone pilot tutorials, drone regulations, best drones to purchase, tips & tricks, and of course examples of the best drone photography and drone videos from many people including us!

DJI and Rosenbauer announce global partnership to advance Emergency Service Response

DJI and Rosenbauer announce global partnership to advance Emergency Service Response  DroneDJSource link Share Tweet Share Pin Email Source link

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5 Best Obstacle Avoidance Drones [2020 Updated] Comparison Table

There are several key characteristics coupled with numerous features that make today’s mainstream drones. Whether we’re talking about bulky models such as the Phantom 4 Pro by DJI, or smaller[…]

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Is it worth going into debt to keep up with new drone tech?

Drone technology is rapidly changing, with the big players putting out new drones about once a year (and sometimes more than that). Experts have suggested that DJI’s rapid growth may[…]

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PGYTECH Mavic Mini accessories: ND filters, Landing gears and more

DJI in collaboration with PGYTECH started to offer a wide range of accessories from the first day of Mavic Mini official launch. Ordering accessories directly from the manufacturer’s website is[…]

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