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PrecisionHawk’s Michael Chasen to Lead Drone Advisory Committee, 12 New Members Announced

photo courtesy PrecisionHawk The FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) has been instrumental in helping to form commercial drone regulations, and the best example in the drone sector of industry working in collaboration with government.  On Friday, the FAA and Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced that PrecisionHawk CEO Michael Chasen will now lead the…
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Altair Aerial Wave RC Boat Review

Whether it’s a backyard pool, the pond in the park, or the summer lake, it’s no doubt that people love spending their time near the water. One way to pass the time on the water is with an RC boat. RC boats are a great hobby toy for people of all ages to enjoy, and…
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Sea Machines partners with Hike Metal – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Sea Machines Robotics has partnered with Hike Metal to integrate Sea Machines’ SM300 autonomous vessel control system onto commercial vessels tasked with SAR missions, the company announced on 14 May. The collaboration will help develop and demonstrate the capabilities of autonomous marine technology for the purposes of increasing the productivity and safety of SAR…
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Best Drone for GoPro 2019 – GOPRO Karma – Traxxas Aton Plus – 3DR

Best Drone for GoPro 2019 – GOPRO Karma – Traxxas Aton Plus – 3DR However, when you are on the go and travelling, in nature and surrounded by elements and changing weather, GoPro cameras are the way to go. They have … >> Osmo Pocket vs. Osmo Mobile 2: Which One Should You Buy? Source…
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Tanks for the Assist: Agreement Will Boost Drone Firm’s Hydrogen Cell Payload

What’s not to love about hydrogen? It’s the most abundant element in the universe; it’s the vital fuel that keeps the sun burning for a few trillion years; and it holds the number-one position on the periodic table. And, as it turns out, hydrogen can also keep drones in the air for longer periods of…
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Osmo Action: Good for drones? Or stay with GoPro?

Few days ago, DJI – market leader in drone technology officially revealed their first GoPro alike rugged action camera. Let’s find out if drone pilots should switch to Osmo Action or stay with their Hero 7. Smartphone cameras are pretty incredible these days, but they are very hard to be installed on drones, especially if…
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Hunt is on for SeaFox replacement capability – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

For a free 24 hour trial to read this and all our other Premium News articles Click Here A contract opportunity placed in May 2019 by the UK MoD will look to replace the SeaFox mine disposal system currently operated by the Royal Navy, with the winner supplying a suitable … Source link

Big Storms Drive Use of Drones In Insurance Industry Higher in 2019

Drones have evolved rapidly in the past few years. Although initially popular as military reconnaissance tools, their commercial adoption has skyrocketed. The insurance industry, long known for its conservative approach to innovation, has been surprisingly receptive to drone use. Judging by the already positive results realized so far, the trend is set to rise in…
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25 Drones For Kids [2019]

Children of all ages are interested in flying toys just as much as us adults if not more, that’s why we’re reviewing the best drone for kids! Remember, we’re all children at heart! There are now plenty of drones for kids. In the past, I’ve bought various flying toys for friends and family. They’re long-lasting…
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12 Best Beginner Drones [2019] Reviews of Top Drones for Beginners

Looking for the best beginner drones? You’re in the right place. Lots of people want to get into the drone hobby but don’t know where to start. Thanks to the recent explosion of the consumer drone market, there’s thousands of options out there and each one claims to be the best drones for beginners. How…
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