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DroneNet system gets enhanced capabilities – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Netline Communications Technologies has developed a new direction-finding (DF) component for its DroneNet system, the company announced on 14 November. DroneNet is designed to detect, identify, direction find, locate and jam UAS that threaten secured airspace, such as that over strategic facilities, temporary military bases or high-profile public events. The new, MIL STD-compliant DF component…
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Leonardo invests in Skydweller Aero – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Leonardo has announced its investment in Skydweller Aero, a US/Spanish company specialising in large-scale solar-powered UAS. The initiative will result in the development and deployment of the Skydweller UAS, a fully electric UAS capable of carrying large payloads with unlimited range and ultra-persistent endurance. Skydweller will combine potentially unlimited persistence and range with the flexibility…
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John Deere and VoloCopter introduce agricultural UAV – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

John Deere and Volocopter have introduced a new jointly-developed agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle. The VoloDrone UAV is equipped with a John Deere crop protection sprayer, and the companies are now anticipating the first field flight of the aircraft to transition the development of the concept into a commercial product.  The UAV has a potential payload…
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Lockheed and USAF carry out ATHENA C-UAV testing – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Lockheed Martin has demonstrated alongside the US Air Force the ability of its Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) laser weapon system to engage and counter fixed and rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.  Testing was carried out at a government test range in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, during which ATHENA successfully demonstrated its counter-UAV capability. It operated…
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UK government awards C-UAV technology contracts – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

The UK government has awarded £2 million in funding to support 18 projects that will develop new technologies that are able to detect, disrupt and defeat the hostile and malicious use of drones. Awarded under the UK Defence and Security Accelerator’s (DASA) Countering Drones competition that was launched earlier in 2019, this first phase of…
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Airbus reveals classified ‘untrackable’ low observable UAV – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Manufacturer Airbus has shown off a classified Low Observable UAV Testbed (LOUT) for the first time, with a bold claim that the platform’s stealth profile makes it completely undetectable from air defence threats and radar-based detection. Resulting from a secretive programme officially contracted by the German MoD to Airbus … Source link

Airbus invests in battery tech firm – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Airbus Defence and Space has invested in Amprius Inc to further boost the development of new generation batteries based on Silicon Nanowire Anode technology. The goal of the investment is to help drive the development of higher volume production capacity along with higher energy density cells for Airbus Defence and Space aerospace programmes, including the…
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AUSA 2019: QinetiQ joins with Pratt & Miller to present new RCV offering – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

QinetiQ North America and engineering company Pratt & Miller have partnered to offer the latter company’s Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle (EMAV) to meet the US Army’s nascent Robotic Combat Vehicle Light (RCV-L) requirement. The army is still in a discovery phase for RCV but the military has already had a good look at the EMAV…
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AOC 2019: Coyote Block 2 to integrate Howler – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Raytheon expects to conduct a final demonstration of its Coyote Block 2 UAV for a counter-UAS role before the end of March 2020. Additionally, in mid-September this year received a Decision Memo from the US Government, a first step in clearing the aircraft and counter-UAS system for export sale. The Coyote Block 1, described by…
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Multi-mission USV proposed as floating comms nexus for CEE region – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Boeing, acting through its subsidiary, Liquid Robotics, is offering its Wave Glider USV for countries in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region as a low-cost solution for ASW and ISR mission requirements. According to Boeing, Wave Glider has a wide range of defence and security applications and could significantly … Source link