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Cars vs robots – DIY Drones

A scooter ran a red light at 25mph & smashed straight into it. Miraculously, only the wheel was smashed. He broadsided it & dragged it a few feet, but manely took out the food it was carrying. Scooters & bikes are in the grey area of not having red light rules enforced & not having…
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This is Real: A Full-Scale Air Taxi VoloPort in Singapore

No, drone taxis won’t begin taking off from the VoloPort tomorrow – it’s still a prototype.  But as an indication of one of the critical elements that must be completed before a drone taxi service can launch, it’s a concrete step – and a solid, material building, constructed as a next step in a dream…
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Drone Run Makes Training Fun

When I would misbehave, my daddy used to tell me to “straighten up and fly right!” He would have loved Drone Run. As a beginner, learning to launch and navigate your new drone can be a frustrating task – not to mention flying according to your nation’s aerial rules. But British brothers Alex and Toby…
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Wing drone delivery brings Walgreens, Fedex goods to homes in Virginia

Paul Sensmeier broke his leg earlier this year. His wife of fifty years, Susie, had a birthday coming up, so instead of going to a physical store, he ordered a gift for her, which would arrive to his home via Fedex. But this FedEx delivery was different. The last leg of the delivery, traditionally done…
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Drones are doing everything in agriculture from aerial imaging to fighting global mega pests

Drones might be seen as pests by Gatwick Airport traffic control, but increasingly farmers are beginning to see them as pest-killers. This is one of many uses drones have in agriculture. One obvious use is for aerial images, which has led to its take-off in the consumer market. But this same use is making it…
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How to Choose Motor for Racing Drone & Quadcopter

This tutorial explains the basics of mini quad motor: construction, design features and other factors that affect the performance and efficiency of a motor. This will help you choose the optimal motor for your next quadcopter and racing drone build. If you are new, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide to mini quad…
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the DJI 2019 market share is huge

In case it wasn’t already clear, the DJI 2019 market share in the U.S. is giant. New data confirms basically what we already knew: Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, which is known for its Mavic and Phantom drones, has a 76.8% market share in the U.S. The data is based on FAA drone registration numbers as…
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Multi-mission USV proposed as floating comms nexus for CEE region – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Boeing, acting through its subsidiary, Liquid Robotics, is offering its Wave Glider USV for countries in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region as a low-cost solution for ASW and ISR mission requirements. According to Boeing, Wave Glider has a wide range of defence and security applications and could significantly … Source link

Russian Startup Crowdfunds Drones-for-Schools Project

Image courtesy of COEX A Russian startup is hoping a $30,00 crowdfunding campaign will advance drone education in the classroom. Copter Express Technologies (COEX) recently created an Indiegogo campaign dubbed the COEX Clover Educational Drone Kit. The programmable quadcopter kit teaches students how to assemble drones from scratch using open-source software and basic components. Company…
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How To Choose FPV Camera For Quadcopters and Drones

Dedicated FPV cameras provides low latency real-time video to the drone pilots when they are flying. To choose the best FPV camera for racing drones and multirotors in general, there are a few things to consider which we will discuss in this tutorial. FPV camera is one of the most important parts of the FPV setup on a quadcopter.…
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