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How to Calculate FPV Range with dB?

This tutorial explains how to estimate FPV range using the dB values of your FPV equipment. Being able to calculate dB will help you understand the capability, performance and limitations of FPV components. dB means decibels, we use this unit to measure sound, but in FPV we also use dB to measure signal strength. dB…
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How I Opened Up Fatshark Goggles (HDO) and Replaced DVR Board

I had to replace the DVR board inside my Fatshark HDO, so I thought I should document my process of opening up the plastic housing to access the electronic hardware. It’s also interesting to see the inside of a Fatshark FPV goggles 🙂 Disclaimer: Opening up your goggles might void your warranty, so check with…
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Troubleshoot: Getting Bad Range with R9M

Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot R9M module and receiver for poor performance and range issues. If you followed my R9M Setup guide previously, you probably would have avoided many issues, but in case you didn’t I hope this guide is useful too. Update your R9M module and R9MM receiver to the latest…
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