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AeroVironment’s VAPOR Helicopter Drones Offer Endless Possibilities

AeroVironment acquired Pulse Aerospace earlier this year for $25.7 million – and acquired the VAPOR Helicopter UAS series with it.  At last month’s Commercial UAV Expo, DRONELIFE got to see it up close – and talk to AeroVironment about what VAPOR can do. AeroVironment has long been an industry leader in the military space, but…
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UPS Drone Delivers First-ever Prescriptions to Customers’ Homes

Source: UPS UPS and CVS have delivered drone history that could literally be just what the doctor ordered. The carrier giant’s aerial subsidiary UPS Flight Forward partnered with drug-store chain CVS to complete the first-ever American commercial drone delivery of a prescription to a customer’s home – a mission both companies say will be the…
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DELTA Podcast Featuring Inertial Sense: Miniature GPS components for Motion Tracking on Drones

Just out is the latest in the DELTA Podcast Series by FLIR.   In this episode Randall Warnas meets up with Brian Cahoon, CEO of Inertial Sense.   Inertial Sense makes miniature GPS-Ins components that provide motion tracking sensors for drones.  It is hosted on Soundcloud. Also, hear him answer the question “Do you think we will…
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The Marines’ Plywood Supply Drone takes a Page from DIYers Everywhere

  image: Logistics Gliders It’s not quite a paper airplane drone.  But this DARPA-funded plywood drone is low-cost and disposable – and shows a lot of promise for commercial uses, too. Reminiscent of the wooden construction of the PT boats of WWII,  the drone featured in this video released by Logistics Gliders shows a test…
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In Rwanda,UAVs save lives by carrying blood bags

In Rwanda, to deliver blood as quickly as possible, a specialized UAV base was set up in Muhanga, a town about 50 km from Kigali. It can deliver blood bags within a 75 km radius in 30 minutes. This is a vital time saver, since it used to take ambulances several hours to reach one…
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The delivery drone makes its appearance in Iceland

An authorized drone delivery service in Iceland Still in a fantasy state a few months ago, the drone delivery service is becoming a tangible reality. While the United States was the first to carry out tests with the 7-Eleven chain of stores, it is the Icelanders who are transforming the test by turning it into…
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