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2.5″ Micro Quad Build with HGLRC FD413 Stack and XING 1103 Motors

So this is the first time I build a “toothpick” style micro quad from scratch and not buying a pre-built kit 🙂 This should be fun as I get to choose my own hardware! Diatone sent me a spare frame for their Cube GTB229 micro quad, so I decided to use it for this custom…
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Diatone GT-Marauder 515 with ultra-efficient power system

Diatone’s new GT-Marauder 515 drone claims to provide up to 10 minutes of flight time with a fully charger 800mAh LiPo. This awesome autonomy is obtained by the ultra-efficient power system and lightweight air-frame (170 grams). For an incredible first person view experience, Diatone selected the parts of the FPV system from the biggest brands…
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Review: Diatone Mamba F411 Nano 16x16mm FC/ESC Stack

The Diatone Mamba F4 Nano Stack (134) is a 16x16mm flight controller stack that support 2S to 4S LiPo voltage input. Build quality looks awesome! I have the chance to test the Mamba F4 FC/ESC stack from the Diatone Cube micro quad I recently reviewed. Product Page: Accessories to be confirmed. First off, here…
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Review: Diatone GTB229 Cube Micro Drone

Not sure what “gtb229” means, but basically this is another “toothpick” class ultra-light micro drone. What I have here is a prototype, so if you have any ideas please let them know in the comment below to help shape this product. Banggood: The Diatone Cube offers two different KV motors, 8500KV and 10000KV. Since…
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Review: Diatone Mamba F722 FC/ESC Stack

Diatone’s latest Mamba F7 stacks look awesome! I am seriously considering them as now one of the best FC and 4in1 ESC combos on the market. There are two versions, the Mini stack (20x20mm) and Super stack (30.5×30.5mm). Both stacks are 6S capable, but I’d personally prefer the mini stack for 4S builds, while using…
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