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Emirates Airbus A380 Jet Close Encounter With A Drone

Drones are amazing little gadgets that have been doing us a world of good for plenty of years already. However, with drone tech becoming cheaper and more advanced with every passing generation, there are lots of amateurs that are getting their hands on technically capable equipment. Mainly, I am referring to 4K drones such as…
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Amazing Drone Display Courtesy of Intel

Back in 2015, a couple of Intel’s employees that were working on drone projects were wondering whether or not it is feasible to fly 100 drones over Intel’s headquarters. The drones would create the company’s logo through the use of lights and colors. This was all thought of jokingly, but not even half a decade…
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The Zephyr Stratosphere Drone – A Solar-Powered Marvel

Time to talk about something relatively large. 25 meters wingspan large. Yep, it’s the Zephyr S. This is a rather new stratosphere drone that comes from Airbus and they have, in fact, opened up a production line for it. The main use for this type of drone is aerial surveillance, broadband access to remote regions,…
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Controlling Drones Without Controllers | EPFL Has Their Say

So what’s up with that? Who has come up with the ability to control drones with anything other than a controller (such as a smartphone or a fully dedicated controller)? Well, we’re not sure, but there have been a couple of drones that come with the ability to control them with your upper body. This…
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Drone Giant DJI’s New Headquarters | You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Car companies have test tracks, airplane companies have airfields, and drone companies have.. Well.. something completely different. And one of the best drone companies at the moment, DJI, have just revealed plans of a new headquarters; one that would feature a skybridge. “A skybridge!? Why?” Well, there’s a pretty good reason behind this. See, DJI…
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South Carolina to Use Drones as Remotely Operated Surveillance in Prisons

It hasn’t been that long since the first drone was presented to the world and we already have state officials introducing clearance to fly drones above prisons in an effort to keep a watchful eye out on the inmates. Current surveillance technology and placement sometimes cause a problem since you cannot keep an eye out…
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