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Review: ToolkitRC M6 Battery Charger

The ToolkitRC M6 LiPo Battery Charger is super small, portable and affordable. It also has some cool features that are missing in other popular higher end chargers. Learn about the basics of LiPo Charger, and in this guide we will talk about LiPo batteries and how to handle them properly. Input voltage: 7V – 28V…
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Parallel Charging Without Plugging in Main Leads

Here is a quick tip how to parallel charge LiPo batteries without plugging in the discharge leads, only with balance leads. This is inspired by Joshua Bardwell, all you need is a cable that you can easily make by yourself. If you are new, check out my guide to parallel charging. I bought this parallel…
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LiPo Shootout: Tiny Whoop & Ultra-light Micro Quad (Toothpick) Battery

I tested quite a few 2S and 3S LiPo and LiHV batteries in 300mAh, 350mAh, 450mAh, 650mAh capacities, to see which ones are the best for tiny whoops and toothpicks (ultra-light micro quad). Here is a summary of the tested batteries and rating, click link to see specs: If you are new to LiPo batteries,…
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Protect LiPo Battery from Mini Quad Crashes

Given the amount of crashes we have with mini quad and racing drones, we ought to do more to protect LiPo battery from physical damage. In this tutorial I will show you the different ways of adding extra protection to your LiPo batteries. Further Reading: How to choose LiPo Battery for Racing Drones? The LiPo…
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Review: URUAV Lipo Killer | Put Charged Batteries in Storage

I built several LiPo dischargers in the past but all are designed to fully discharge batteries, and none have the ability to stop at a certain voltage. The URUAV LiPo Killer is a cheap and smart battery discharger which can do that. Here are the DIY dischargers I built in the past: You can use…
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How to choose LiPo Battery for Mini Quad, Drones and Quadcopters

Multirotors (aka drones) are fueled by LiPo batteries, they are able to store and deliver large amount of power. In this guide you will learn how to read the spec of LiPo for your mini quadcopter, and how to choose and handle them safely. LiPo batteries can catch on fire when they overheat (what makes…
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