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Coming soon: HGLRC Veyron 3″ Cinewhoop

Like most CineWhoops, the HGLRC Veyron is also build on a 3 inch frame with large ducted blade protectors. This design approach allows you to capture super smooth cinematic footage. Another advantage of the Whoop protectors is that you can fly around people relatively safely. HGLRC announced the Veyron 3″ with two power options. While…
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Police Use Drone to Save Blind Man in Connecticut Forest

This is a stunning drones for good story – yet another example of drones saving lives.  Drones are undeniably an incomparable tool for search and rescue missions.  Not only can they cover maximum area quickly, when equipped with thermal imaging payloads drones can continue a search through the nighttime hours. In this latest example, a 62…
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Apple lobbying efforts on Washington aided by drone expert Lisa Ellman

Longtime aviation expert Lisa Ellman has been tapped by Apple for their aviation-focused lobbying efforts. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, which stated that Apple retained Ellman — who leads the Unmanned Aircraft Systems practice at law firm Hogan Lovells— to conduct the Apple lobbying efforts. According to a December 2019 filing, Ellman has been…
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Parrot Wins Swiss Army Micro-Drone Contract

French drone manufacturer Parrot has been selected by the Swiss Armed Forces to develop and supply micro-drones as part of the Swiss Mini UAV Program (Swiss MUAS). Parrot successfully won the contract against several commercial UAV suppliers. Last year, the French manufacturer was chosen by the DoD for the U.S Army’s Recon Drone Program, in…
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Denver gets another drone boost as Flyability opens first US office

If you’re looking for a career in drones, Denver may be the spot to relocate. On the heels of news that Pix4D would open an office in downtown Denver, Colorado, yet another drone company is opening there. Flyability opened its first U.S. office this year. And you guessed it — it’s in Denver. Flyability is…
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Can Drones Save Lives? Yes, DJI AirWorks Says

Can Drones Save Lives? Yes, DJI AirWorks Says  PRNewswire Source link Share Tweet Share Pin Email aerospace Defense DJI AirWorks Polls and Research public-safety Surveys Source link

Drones Harvest Grape Expectations for Wine Research

You may remember the late Orson Welles’ tagline from the 1970s Paul Masson commercials: “We will sell no wine before its time.” The sentiment makes compelling advertising copy but, as any vintner knows, the art of properly ageing wine can’t be bottled in a snappy catchphrase. Beyond soil quality and climate, proper temperature control can…
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Spreading joy and love to people via drones

Spreading joy and love to people via drones  The Star Online Source link Share Tweet Share Pin Email Andreas Vogiatzakis drone Star Media Group Valentine’s Day Source link

DroneUp Airspace Planner joins 20 companies with LAANC integration

The DroneUp Airspace Planner is the latest on the Federal Aviation Administration’s list of companies that have LAANC integration. Prior to their recent approval, DroneUp had been providing LAANC request capability through AirMap. LAANC, short for Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, is an initiative from the FAA that allows private companies the ability to…
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DJI covers Shenzhen with disinfectant

Drone giant DJI is stepping in on the fight to control the coronavirus outbreak in China. The Chinese dronemaker this month announced that it would pledge almost $1.5 million in aid to help contain the coronavirus outbreak. But DJI is doing more than just giving out money. It’s putting its drones to work. The dronemaker…
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