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Defining Drones: What is a Drone?

‘Drone’ has become a common term used to describe a new technology that’s making an impact in all sorts of industries. But what does drone actually mean? Is it possible to define ‘drone’ when so many parties have their own acronyms and intended meanings? In 2010, Parrot unveiled the AR.Drone, kickstarting what we now know…
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How Drone Manufacturers Are Making Flights Safer

This week DJI announced that starting in January 2020, all of the company’s new drones weighing over 250 grams will come with AirSense – a tool enabled by an ADS-B receiver – as standard. In practice, that means that DJI pilots will be alerted to nearby manned aircraft, well ahead of time and long before…
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Parrot unveils ANAFI THERMAL, a thermal imaging drone for professionals

Lightweight, simple to use and highly technological, this solution is based on the ANAFI UAV platform, which has been redesigned for professionals. In addition to carrying a 4K HDR camera, ANAFI Thermal incorporates a FLIR thermal sensor, a true reference in the sector, which allows you to reveal the invisible in an instant. Thanks to…
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The Best of the Rest: Which DJI Alternative Should You Consider?

By Malek Murison Depending on who you talk to, Chinese manufacturer DJI has a 60-80% share of the drone hardware market. And they dominate for a reason: DJI’s drones set the standard in terms of price, capability and ease of use. The company’s shadow over the drone space is self-perpetuating, putting competitors from the early…
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Parrot Slashes Prices on Additional Anafi Flight Modes

Following the launch of the new Anafi drone, Parrot has received some criticism for not including its Follow Me and Flight Plan features and making consumers pay extra for features that are standard in competing drones.  While included in the feature list they were priced as add-on’s that increased the price of the drone a…
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With the Mambo FPV, Parrot takes the turn of the drone racing machine

The French leader of hobby drones continues to cultivate its singularity by deploying its range of recreational mini-drones. After the release of a series of “apartment drones” with new functions, Parrot follows the current trend: the drone racing, or drone drones (or drone race, as you like). We already knew the Mambo, which sold a…
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