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Flyability and Pix4D: Drone Companies Partner to Bring Indoor Inspections to the Next Level

“3D modeling brings tremendous value to inspection professionals on multiple fronts,” says Flyability’s Marc Gandillon.  “First of all, when looking at a defect using remote visual inspection technology, the information you get on the video stream is flat. You can easily spot cracks, corrosion, or other visually-featured defects. However, sometimes, this is not sufficient and depth perception…
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Getting New Drone Programs for Firefighters Off the Ground: Inside a Public Safety Training Event

Public safety organization are one of the fastest growing verticals in the drone industry.  With the clear benefits of using aerial technology for public safety applications including search and rescue, suspect pursuit, accident reconstruction, and fire management, agencies all over the globe are implementing drone programs. Public Safety professionals, however, have special certifications and training:…
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