Parrot Slashes Prices on Additional Anafi Flight Modes

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Parrot Slashes Prices on Additional Anafi Flight Modes

Following the launch of the new Anafi drone, Parrot has received some criticism for not including its Follow Me and Flight Plan features and making consumers pay extra for features that are standard in competing drones.  While included in the feature list they were priced as add-on’s that increased the price of the drone a significant amount.

While this is common in other industries,  (think about your mobile phone bill, wait try to not think about it as it will make you sad) it is not common in the drone marketplace and they came under significant criticism,  Parrot has made this right to their customers by lowering the prices of these add-on features from 17.99 to .99 per feature.

This drone was recently reviewed in in a Anafi review, where those features were a significant add-on price increase.  This is pricey given competitors such as DJI include this a standard feature.  This has now changed.

Parrot recently send out an email that details the price changes.

Parrot Anafi – Now With Heavily Discounted Extra Features

Parrot is backing down on charging extra for Follow Me and Flight Plan modes, the French manufacturer has decided to cut the prices down from £17.99 to just £0.99. They are pretty much giving the modes away.  .

parrot anafi deals

The scale of the discount on Follow-Me and Flight Plan illustrates that in the drone space the consumer is still king, but kudos to Parrot for making the change.

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