Sea Machines partners with Hike Metal – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

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Sea Machines partners with Hike Metal – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

Sea Machines Robotics has partnered with Hike Metal to integrate Sea Machines’ SM300 autonomous vessel control system onto commercial vessels tasked with SAR missions, the company announced on 14 May.

The collaboration will help develop and demonstrate the capabilities of autonomous marine technology for the purposes of increasing the productivity and safety of SAR operations.

Once installed, the SM300 will give Hike Metal vessels new capabilities including autonomous SAR capability, data-driven waypoint following and mission planning, collaborative vessel operations, remote vessel and payload control, minimally manned and unmanned configurations, and obstacle avoidance.

Sea Machines technologies also enable minimally manned and unmanned autonomous operations. Such configurations allow operators to respond to rescue events anytime of the day or night, even when crews are unavailable or restricted.

Phase I demonstrations will begin in summer of 2019 aboard a new-build, 27ft rigid hull inflatable boat. The vessel will be equipped with twin 200-HP engines, a remote-control Flir camera system, a heated survivor seating area, remote-control rescue cradles and extended-range fuel reserves.

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