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Support me on Patreon & Giveaway

In case you don’t already know, I am finally on Patreon and you can now support me there.

My Patreon Page:

I sometimes host giveaways on the platform. Very often I may have products that I don’t need anymore after testing. Sometimes there are even brand new products that I don’t have the time to play with at all… I cannot think of a better way to make good use of these products than sending them to people who support me!

Giving away these products this month.

  • Newbeedrone Tiny Whoop (with BeeBrain Lite FC, binds with Frsky)
  • iFlight iH2 Micro Quad with Runcam Split Mini and Frsky XM+ receiver
  • Runcam TX200 VTX
  • Runcam Sparrow 2 FPV Camera
  • 4x DYS 30A BLHeli_S ESC
  • 4x DYS Fire 2600KV Motors
  • DYS 200mW VTX
  • Newbeedrone F3 FC
  • Tekko32 F3 Metal 65A 4in1 ESC
  • XRacer F4 FC
  • Matek F4 FC
  • Hawkeye 200mW VTX
  • FuriousFPV Antenna
  • Kakute F4 AIO FC
  • Speedybee 600mW DVR VTX
  • Foxeer F7 DUAL Gyro FC

8 winners for the following products

  • Swift FPV Camera with RC18 lens
  • Speedybee Bluetooth-USB adapter
  • 4x Robodog RD2205 2300kv motors
  • Owl Plus FPV Camera
  • Speedybee Bluetooth-USB adapter
  • 2x Foxeer Lollipop MMCX antenna
  • Swift 2 FPV Camera
  • Foxeer ClearTX VTX
  • 2x FuriousFPV Big Mac Antenna
  • Swift Mini FPV Camera
  • Eagle FPV Camera (V1)
  • 4x Mamba ESC
  • Predator Micro FPV Camera Atl
  • Atlatl HV VTX
  • Micro Sparrow FPV Camera
  • Flycolor X-Tower FC
  • Swift Mini FPV Camera
  • Flycolor F4 AIO FC
  • Sparrow FPV Camera
  • Predator Mini FPV Camera
  • Speedybee F4 AIO FC

September 2018 (Ended)

6 Winners, all brand new products!

Jun 2018 (Ended)

5 Winners, all products are brand new 🙂

May 2018 (Ended)

RDQ Smoke Stopper XT30 & XT60 (Brand New)

April 2018 (Ended)




March 2018 (Ended)



February 2018 (Ended)

2x F210 Frame from Banggood, brand new.

January 2018 (Ended)


Future giveaways will be announced on my Patreon page. If you have any comment or idea please let me know.

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