Taranis Can’t Play Simulators – USB and Joystick Option

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Taranis Can’t Play Simulators – USB and Joystick Option

Are you having trouble connecting your radio to FPV simulators, where it’s not recognized as joystick on your computer? Here is the quick fix.

This solution applies to all radios running the latest OpenTX firmware (newer than version 2.2), such as the Taranix X9D, QX7, Xlite, Horus X10, and Flysky Nirvana

All you have to do, is go to “Radio Setup” page, scroll down to the option “USB Mode“, and select “Joystick“. It was probably on the wrong option, “Storage”, that’s why every time you plug in your radio’s USB, it’s showing as a drive instead of joystick on your computer.

What you can do is, create a new model just for simulators (name it “Simulator”), and set the USB option to Joystick. If you want to access the SD card inside the Taranis via USB, without going into bootloader mode, you can leave USB option as “mass storage” in a different model.

A lot of people are having this problem only after they updated the OpenTX firmware, or recently bought the Taranis. This is because they are unaware of the new “USB Mode” option.

Before OpenTX 2.2, there wasn’t an option in the menu to choose between “mass storage” or “joystick”. Back then, you had to make the decision when flashing OpenTX firmware, “massstorage” was a build option.

We recommended to leave it unchecked so our radio always showed up as joystick when we connect it to the computer, and so it was never a problem. But of course, if we wanted to change it to mass storage, we would have to re-flash the firmware. Quite annoying really.

It’s really great to finally have this option in the menu. But that also confuses many people due to the large amount of outdated info out there. I hope this clears things up!

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