Unmanned Systems Asia 2019: Airbus’ Skyways delivers – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

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Unmanned Systems Asia 2019: Airbus’ Skyways delivers – UV – Unmanned Vehicles

A year on from its first flight, Airbus Helicopters’ Skyway UAV has demonstrated shore to ship trials at Singapore’s Marina South Pier.

The occasion also marks the inauguration of drone technology deploying goods in a maritime environment.

The duration of the flight was ten minutes and comprised of the system taking a 1.5kg object 1.5km from the shore dropping off the load and returning to base.

The UAV undertook its first flight in February 2018. The project began, in earnest, in 2016 with participation from the National University of Singapore, the university campus will be the future environment for further trials, and under the guise of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

In April 2017, the OEM signed an agreement with Singapore Post which acknowledged a logistics partnership in relation to the project.

Airbus and Wilhelmsen Ships Services signed an agreement in June 2018 to drive the development of an end-to-end unmanned aircraft system for safe shore-to-ship deliveries.

Currently, the trials are being undertaken in conjunction with partner Wilhelmsen Ships Services. The testing stages will see the system carrying a payload up to 4kg through aerial corridors with an item carried on its underside.

‘Delivery of essential spares, medical supplies and cash to master via launch boat, is an established part of our portfolio of husbandry services, which we provide day in and day out, in ports all over the world.

‘Modern technology such as the unmanned aircraft systems, are just a new tool, albeit a very cool one, with which we can push our industry ever forward and improve how we serve our customers,’ said Marius Johansen, VP commercial, ships agency at Wilhelmsen Ships Services.

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