YDLIDAR X2 – $89 LiDAR review

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YDLIDAR X2 – $89 LiDAR review

Hi guys!

I recently had a chance to test out YDLIDAR X2, that could be a cheaper alternative to RPLIDAR. Here are some of the characteristics of this unit:

Parameter Value
Scanning range 360°
Range 0.1-8m
Range resolution 2% of distance
Scan frequency 5-8Hz
Range frequency 3000Hz
Max current 500mA
Laser wavelength 775-795nm
Laser power 3-5mW
Price ~89 USD

I only tested it for an indoor SLAM (with ROS and Google Cartographer) getting a result as you can see above

I think this sensor might be an interesting option for obstacle avoidance (although I’m not sure if the 7Hz update rate is good enough). If anyone thinks adding this LiDAR to ArduCopter obstacle avoidance supported devices then let me know and I’ll look into implementing it!

If you’d like to know more details then check out my blog post: https://msadowski.github.io/ydlidar-x2-review-ros-cartographer/ , where I also link to the repository with my Cartographer setup.

If you have any questions about the unit let me know and I’ll answer them. I’m also happy to run some tests for the community!

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